Linking Theory to Practice

In this section, we will discuss how our full-time faculty members are linking theory to practice in their research.

Prof. Vivienne Chen's work on comparing possession (traditional consumption with ownership) to access (temporal consumption without ownership), was recently accepted for publication by the Journal of Consumer Research. This work has implications in the age of uncertainty in which consumers live today.

Professors John Henke, Ravi Parameswaran, and Mohan Pisharodi are trying to answer the question: "Can companies pressure suppliers for lower prices while at the same time enjoy co-operative working relations? New research provides the answer. This research, titled "Manufacturer price reduction pressure and supplier relations", has been recently published in the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing (2008), vol. 23, No. 5, pp. 287-300.

Prof. John Henke claims that that one of the easiest ways to gain supplier price concessions is through demanding price reductions from suppliers. The results of an in-depth study in this area were published under "Supplier price concessions: A longitudinal empirical study" in the subscriber restricted Marketing Letters online library with journal hardcopy to follow in the upcoming months.

Prof. Mark Isken has been developing open source software and models (optimization and simulation) to address patient scheduling and capacity planning for inpatient hospital obstetrical units, in partnership with a small health care consulting firm. He is also working with another small firm and with cooperation from the pneumatic tube industry to develop Java based discrete event simulation models for analysis of hospital based pneumatic tube systems.

Prof. Paul Licker is working with researchers from Wayne State University and Drexel University to run a regular series of roundtables with Chief Information Officers from major companies in SE Michigan. The "Michigan CIO Roundtable" runs three times a year and produces results that are returned to participants as well as research papers. The next roundtable is on October 23 at the Detroit Athletic Club.

Research Published or Accepted for Publication between June-September, 2008

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Dr. Anandhi Sahu just published a book on public policy: An AGENDA FOR A GREAT AMERICA, applies the knowledge gathered through theoretical understanding of economics to public policies on education, infrastructure, healthcare, crime and other topics of importance.