Dr. Sahu’s book, An Agenda For A Great America, was just published on September 12, 2008. Dr. Sahu is a Professor of Economics in the School of Business Administration. The book outlines a set of bold public policies that could help America realize the promise of becoming a truly great country. The book advances the view that as the world's only remaining super power, the U.S. has become complacent. Much remains to be done to raise the U.S. to great heights. In Dr. Sahu’s view, the nation is fully capable of achieving greatness. All that is needed is for America to regain the urgency displayed in great American achievements, such as winning the race to the moon.

This book presents an agenda for realizing America's promise of being a great country in all respects. All problems central to realizing this promise are dealt with: from an economy working for all Americans, to enhancing the U.S. stature in the world. The book is not intended to present liberal or conservative viewpoints. It simply advocates policies, irrespective of political ideology, that will propel the country as a whole to far greater heights than the current policies. For example, it advocates


• An economy that works also for the middle class and poor Americans, as argued by Liberals


• A strong defense, increasing troop strength and controlling crime, as emphasized by Conservatives


• Providing universal healthcare and investing in education, as favored by most Americans


• Shutting the revolving door of lobbying and instituting electoral reforms, issues not on the public radar, but that are important for the nation.