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Current research: Learning Web tech

Over the last year or two, I've been studying learning. Reading up on constructivism, phenomenography, understanding by design, and other learning science stuff. I've been particularly interested in how the research can be applied to teaching Web tech - HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, stuff like that.

You can see results on CoreDogs. It helps people learn the core of Web tech. There's a paper on the theoretical underpinnings of the site.

This work has transformed the way I teach. Little lecture, more helping individual students. I've moved from "the sage on the stage" to the "guide on the side."

I haven't "published" anything from this in the traditional sense. Might, might not.

Recent past research: Ethics Decision Support

Dioptra ( helps teams make difficult ethical decisions. It doesn't do any ethical "thinking." Computers aren't smart enough for that. Instead, it helps teams make more rational and defensible choices, avoiding (to some extent) emotional meltdowns and dysfunctional group behavior.

Dioptra is based on four principles:

Problem structuring

  • Enough structure to help people focus their attention.
  • Not too much – don’t overly constrain the decision process.


Group support

  • One decision state for the entire team.
  • Coordination options - Same time and place, same time but different place, ...
  • Reduce dysfunctional behavior, e.g., anonymity.


"Workflow" is about how tasks are completed: who does them, what the steps are, what order they are done in, how they are tracked, how they are synchronized, etc.


  • Advice on ethics, decision making, group work, using Dioptra, ...
  • Available at the user’s discretion.

This gives you a taste, but there is a lot more to Dioptra. Take a look at for more information.

Publication List

There are recent things missing. I'll update it someday.

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