My name is Osman T. Aydas. I am an Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at the Decision & Information Sciences department of the Oakland University. I received my Ph.D. in Management Science at the Department of Supply Chain & Operations Management of Lubar School of Business, with a minor in Information Technology Management, from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in August 2017. I worked as a professional executive for business oriented not-for-profit organizations. Prior to my professional career I achieved a Master's degree in Economics and a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering.

Teaching Interest:

My teaching interests/experience include courses in Operations Analytics, Simulation in Business, Supply Chain Operations, Operations Management, Operations Planning & Control, Supply Chain Management, Management Science, Managerial Decision Making and Business Analytics.

Research Interest:

My primary research focuses on healthcare operations management. I am interested in studying health policy and decision making problems, as well as service operations in a broader sense. My primary methodological and computational research interests include mixed-integer programming, stochastic optimization and simulation. My doctoral dissertation addresses the strategic nurse allocation policies under dynamic patient demand for intensive care units.