Janell D. Townsend is an Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business in the School of Business Administration at Oakland University. She earned her Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Marketing and International Business. Her work has appeared in journals such as the Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Journal of International Marketing, and International Marketing Review, and has been awarded several grants and awards from prestigious organizations such as the International Motor Vehicle Program, and the Academy of International Business.

Teaching Interest:

Marketing Strategy, Marketing Management, International Marketing, International Business, Marketing Research, Brand Management

Research Interest:

The focus of my research is the analysis and explanation of marketing strategy phenomena at the nexus of branding, new product development and launch, and globalization of the firm. Centering on the development and refinement of theories and models related to brand dynamics and performance in a globally competitive environment allows for the incorporation of these inter-related concepts in various forms. In order to develop a holistic understanding of contemporary business issues, my research includes the development and extension of theory derived from qualitative research methods, as well as the utilization of quantitative research methods to test hypothesized relationships between specific variables. Current projects integrate aspects of new product development, design and market entry, portfolio management, globalization of the firm, and the spillover of perceptions and country of origin effects with respect to branding and new product launch, in the context of the global automotive industry.