33rd year teaching at OU SBA as part-time and full-time faculty. Worked 20 years + in automotive and chemical industry in various positions...Manager, Strategy, Controller, Plant Accountant, Credit Manager, etc. Owned and operated a busines in Rochester Hills for 9 years. Vice President of OU in Economic Development. 16 years President of Traffic Improvement Association of Oakland County. Retired 3 years. Currently consultant for Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farms helping them develop a long-term strategy for funding that operation into the future.

Within Oakland University’s School of Business Administration, he has taught mostly in the strategic management area. In 1999 he developed an MBA International Management Course that required travel to Europe and China. (See attachment) In addition, he also created the first MBA Business Ethics Class in 1987 and also co-taught in the Honors College on the topic of Capitalism – Profits and Ethics in the 1980’s.

Teaching Interest:

1979 – 2012 Part-time and full time adjunct instructor – Oakland University

MBA Program
• Business strategy
• Entrepreneurship and Strategy –

Executive MBA Program - Medical
• Business Ethics (Designed Course)
• Seminar - Contemporary Topics
• International Management - (Designed Course – Travel

Undergraduate Program
• Business Strategy
• Financial Management
• Accounting
• Contemporary World Business
• Capitalism – Profits vs. Ethics –

College of Arts & Science (Co-Taught in
Honors College)

1992-1994 Part-time faculty – Walsh College
• Business Strategy

Research Interest:

International Management