Kim B. Serota  is currently a Special Lecturer in Marketing in the School of Business Administration at Oakland University. Mr. Serota is also President of KBSA, a national marketing research and consulting firm. In addition to his OU and KBSA activities, Mr. Serota is a doctoral candidate in Communication at Michigan State University.

Mr. Serota has been a Lecturer and Visiting Professor of Marketing at Oakland University since 2004 (and previously from 1982-1984). Prior to his current activities, he was Assistant Professor at Arizona State University, Senior Research Analyst at Ford Motor Company, Marketing Research Manager at Volkswagen of America, and Senior Vice President/Partner at Allison-Fisher International (a leading automotive marketing research firm, now a division of GfK AG). Mr. Serota holds a PRC Expert rating from the Marketing Research Association.

Mr. Serota’s research current research activities are divided between applied research on consumer attitudes and decision-making (most recently for clients in the car rental and Native American gaming industries) and basic research. His theoretical work is divided between the fields of marketing and communication; recent publications and presentations examine social and organizational networks, branding, the prevalence of lying, and issues in deception detection.

Currently, Mr. Serota is teaching MKT 605 (Marketing Research) and MGT 110 (Contemporary Global Business). Other OU courses taught include MKT 302 (Introduction to Marketing), MKT 404 and MKT 604 (Consumer Behavior), MKT 405 (Marketing Research) and MKT 480 (a Special Topics course on analysis for marketing planning).