SBA is "Integrating Theory and Practice" using support from various institutional partners

Specifically, we are using these partnerships in support of global understanding, entrepreneurship and health care management. In global understanding, three different models are being piloted.

Virtual Collaboration Model: SBA, using a Chrysler Foundation Grant, is establishing a virtual collaboration room that will be used to link SBA students with students from other institutions around the world, so they can work together on joint projects. A pilot class in the winter 2009 will initiate the effort and the students will work on projects provided by Chrysler and other institutions. The students will come initially from India and China.

Hybrid Model: Face-to-face and Virtual: SBA, in partnership with the OU School of Engineering and Computer Science is exploring partnership with respective schools in Beijing Jaitong University in Beijing, China. Under this hybrid model of experiential learning, students from SBA and the School of Engineering and Computer Science will go to Beijing Jaitong University for 3 weeks at the end of May to work with students from BJU engineering and business schools, and continue the work all summer long to complete the course using virtual collaboration facilities at OU.

Face-to-face: SBA is also developing a Global Team Experiential Project Program (GTEPP), where students from other countries come to OU for six weeks in July-August 2009 to work with OU students on internship projects provided by local companies. More details in the next quarterly bulletin.

With the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Hohai University in Nanjing, China and Oakland University, their schools of business will explore interactions on both education and research. Students from Hohai will likely participate in the GTEPP program, and a visiting scholar from Hohai will work with Dr. Joy Jiang of International Business in Winter 2009. Representatives from Hohai Universities are visiting OU at the end of October/early November to further explore other partnerships.

Prof. Jia Xiaoliang from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Shaanxi Province, China will be visiting OU in the Fall 2009 to conduct research in the Product Life Cycle Management area, in partnership with the PLM Institute industry consortium.

In memory of SBA faculty member, Dr. Catherine Tyler, the Catherine Tyler Memorial Endowed International Travel Award was set up for undergraduate or graduate OU-SBA students. Awards will be used for tuition, fees, room and board, or travel expenses such as air fare, fees, lodging, and other costs directly related to a University approved international internship or study abroad experience.

Entrepreneurship projects that engage graduate students: Some of these projects are supported by external institutions using our Experiential Learning and Innovation (ELI) program. See the curriculum section for more information.

Health Care Management opportunities for education and research

Meetings were held with members of the Executive MBA health care management board that include institutions such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Crittenton, POH Regional Medical Group, Beaumont Hospitals, St Joe Mercy-Oakland, Henry Ford Medical Center, and Providence. In addition, representatives from other companies with health care interest such as Covisint and ER-One were also consulted.

A Business Futures Council event on the future of health care management education is planned for early 2009, in partnership with many OU health care units such as nursing, health sciences and the new medical school.

Sharing Business Insight theory and practice

Business and academic leaders within the fields of Lean and Health Care Management and IS Leadership came together for a two day conference on Oct 9-10. Similarly, Business Futures Council sessions are planned to seek executive insight into entrepreneurship, global business and manufacturing research and education. See the outreach section.