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Balaji Rajagopalan, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Management Information Systems 

342 Elliott Hall  

School of Business Administration

Oakland University

Rochester,  MI 48309         

Ph:(248)-370-4958, E-mail: rajagopa at oakland dot edu


Research Interests: Virtual Communities, Open Source Software Development and Adoption, Global Sourcing of IT & IT enabled services, Diffusion and Assimilation of Information Technology Innovations in Organizations, Business Value of Information Technology

Teaching:  IT Project Management, Management of Global Sourcing of IT & IT enabled services, Decision Support Systems


All course materials are available through WebCT

Selected Research Publications

  • Gu, B,. Konana, P., Rajagopalan, B and Hsuan-Wei, M.C.(2007) "Competition among virtual communities and user valuation: The case of Investing-related Communities"  Information Systems Research, 18, 68-85.

  • Gu, B. Konana, P. Liu, A., Rajagopalan, B. and Ghosh, J. (2006). "Predictive value of message board sentiments" SSRN working paper available for download at http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=946498

  • Deshmukh, A. and Rajagopalan, B. (2006).“Performance Analysis of Filtering Software using Signal Detection Theory”, Decision Support Systems, 42,1015-1028.

  • Mukherji, N. Rajagopalan, B. and Tanniru, M. (2006) “A Decision Support Model for Investment in Information Technology Upgrades: Optimal Size and Timing of Leapfrogging”  Decision Support Systems, 1684-1696.

  • Subramani, M. & Rajagopalan, B. (2003) “Computer Mediated Communication in Social Networks: Knowledge Sharing and Patterns of Influence,” Communications of the ACM, December 2003.

  • Krovi, R. Chandra, A., and Rajagopalan, B. (2003) “Information Flow Parameters to Manage Organizational Processes,” Communications of the ACM, February 2003.

  • Rajagopalan, B. and Krovi, R. (2002) “Benchmarking Data Mining Algorithms,” Journal of Database Management, 13,1, 25-35, January-March 2002.

  • Sharma, S. Sugumaran, V. and Rajagopalan. B. (2002) “A Framework for Creating hybrid-open source software Communities,” Information Systems Journal, 12,1,7-26, January 2002.

  • Rajagopalan, B. and Isken, M. (2001) “Exploiting Data Preparation to Enhance Mining and Knowledge Discovery,” IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics,31,4, 460-467, November 2001.

  • Kumar, N., Krovi, R. and Rajagopalan, B. (1997) "Financial Decision Support Using Hybrid Genetic and Neural Based Modeling Tools," European Journal of Operational Research, 103, 339-349, 1997.

  • Palvia, P., Rajagopalan, B., Kumar, A., and Kumar, N. (1996) "Key Information Systems Issues: An Analysis of MIS Publications," Information Processing and Management: An International Journal, 32,3,345-355, 1996.

  • Kadiyala, R., Krovi, R, and Rajagopalan, B. (1996) "The Design of a Knowledge Based Component to Support Information Re-Engineering," Journal of Computer Information Systems, 37,2, 44-53, Winter 1996.

Work in Progress

  • Bayus, B. and Rajagopalan, B. "Open Source project success and failure: A split population model of whether and when downloads takeoff"

  • Rajagopalan, B., Gu, B. and Konana, P. "Dynamics of Rumor Propagation in virtual communities"

  • Rajagopalan, B., Setia, P. Sambamurthy, V. and Calantone, R. "Value-relevance of peripheral participation in open source development communities"