Some Open Source Development Related Software I Like

Eclipse Open source IDE. Nice for Java.
GLPK/MathProg A GNU project: Linear programming, mixed integer programming / algebraic modeling (C)
GSL A GNU project: scientific library (C)
Java Mmmmm, coffee
Open Office Wow

Healthcare Modeling Open Source Projects

Hillmaker (SourceForge) Hillmaker is a Microsoft Access add-in that can be used to create statistical and graphical summaries of arrival, departure and occupancy patterns by time of day for systems having entities flowing into and out of some location (e.g. patients in a hospital emergency department).


Presentation at Modeling Health Care Systems: Linking Operations and Health Services Research (Univ. of British Columbia), Aug 31-Sep4, 2005.

The plan is to release two open source projects related to healthcare modeling during the Fall 2005 semester. These two projects, Hillmaker and OpenSchedTactx are described in the presentation above. Two relevant articles describing some of the underlying technology, models and practical use of these two software tools are:

Isken, M.W. (2002) “Modeling and Analysis of Occupancy Data: A Healthcare Capacity Planning Application,” International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making, 1, 4 (December) 707-729.

Isken, M.W. “An Implicit Tour Scheduling Model with Applications in Healthcare,” Annals of Operations Research, 128, (April 2004) 91-110.