misken at OU#

I’m an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Decision and Information Sciences of the School of Business Administration at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. isken[at]oakland[dot]edu

My teaching and research are in the general area of business analytics. More details about the classes I teach and the research & development I do can be found below, at other pages within this site and at my other homes on the web:

Here are permalinks to my open access course websites:

I’m an engineer. The Industrial and Operations Engineering department at the University of Michigan was my home for a number of years while I completed my my B.S.E., M.S.E. and PhD. Before joining Oakland University in 1999, I spent almost ten years as a healthcare operations and decision support engineer at two large healthcare systems. Most of my time and energy was spent analyzing processes and developing models, databases, and various spreadsheet based analytical gizmos to help analyze healthcare systems and support managerial decision making. This has resulted in a number of related teaching and research interests that span the areas of operations research/management science and information systems - we call that “analytics” these days. I’m particularly interested in designing and developing model and data based decision support tools for the healthcare industry as well as doing ecological/environmental analytics. I also do open source software and curriculum development and data science blogging with a focus on R and Python based tools.