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Experiential Learning and Innovation Program

Top graduate students supporting economic development through business partnerships and sponsorships
Businesses throughout the region can now tap into the advanced skills of top graduate students who are available to work on company-sponsored projects through the new Experiential Learning and Innovation (ELI) program at Oakland University’s School of Business Administration.

The program provides businesses the opportunity to add resources to projects to make decisions and solve problems while also giving students the chance to integrate their coursework with real-time learning – all while supporting economic growth in Michigan and beyond.

The competitive program admits only select graduate students from OU’s EMBA, MBA, MAcc and MTISM programs, and is dependent on project sponsorship. In return for providing a tax-deductible financial contribution, project sponsors receive a variety of benefits, including:

  • Exploring and implementing innovative ideas from the entrepreneurial and insightful work of today’s top students – and tomorrow’s business professionals.
  • Previewing the next generation of the tomorrow’s workforce
  • Gaining 300 to 600 hours of hands-on project support from the ELI student participant
  • Participating in a collaborative learning environment with OU faculty, students and other business sponsors
  • Directly contributing the education and mentorship of a top graduate student


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