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Business Futures Council

Oakland University's School of Business Administration developed the Business Futures Council (BFC) forums to bring senior executives together and engage them in a dialog on future business trends and challenges. The goal is to better educate and prepare future employees for success in the workplace, while proactively shaping future research projects to bridge the gap between academic theory and real-world practice.

Segregated by industry, executives from manufacturing, IS leadership, health care, and global and entrepreneurial companies have started to meet since April 2008 for intense discussions about critical issues, focusing on the following questions as they relate to each industry:

  • What should education in this field look like?

  • What are the educational components schools can develop to support needs in this field?

  • What activities, outside the classroom, should students be encouraged to explore?

  • What role can this industry play in this education?
April 23rd Future of Manufacturing Education
Sept 15th Future of Entrepreneurship Education
Dec 12th  Future of IS Leadership
Jan 22nd Future of Health Care Education


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