Professor Addington Coppin


Addington Coppin, Ph.D., Illinois

Office: 445 Elliott Hall

Winter Office Hrs: Before and after class, and by appointment

Phone: (248) 370-3541; Fax: (248) 370-4275


 Prior to joining the faculty at Oakland University in 1989, Professor Coppin taught at the University of the West Indies and worked as a senior economist at the Central Bank of Barbados. His primary teaching and research interests are in the areas of International Trade and Finance, International Economic Development, International Business, and Labor Economics. He is the author of over two dozen articles on socio-economic issues related to the Caribbean and other developing regions. Among the journals where his research appears are The Journal of Development Studies, The Journal of Developing Areas, Social and Economic Studies, Global Development Studies, The Journal of Economic Development, The Review of Black Political Economy, The Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies, The North American Review of Economics and Finance, and Economic Review. Presently, he is engaged in research on privatization, entrepreneurship, and the economics of human resources in the Caribbean.